Peter Schaar's Garden

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The Schaar Garden is a combination of old garden beauty, southwestern charm, and a touch of English elegance.

Nothing enhances a home landscape quite as well as Old Garden Roses, and Peter Schaar's home proves the point! Every sunny area seems to be filled with gorgeous heritage antique roses, palms, and cacti.

Peter is past president of the Dallas Area Historical Rose Society.

Schaar Garden Back YardHmmmm! Old Garden Charm!
Schaar GardenAntique Roses Say Good Morning All Day Long
This roses is 'Comtesse du Cayla'
Pot and Cactus in the beautiful Scharr gardenThe Picture of Charm
Pots and Cactus in Schaar Garden
'Texas Centennial' Blooms
Above Pottery and Cacti
side yard garden
'Climbing Cramoisi Superieur' Makes
Big Splash of Red Climbers;
Old Garden Roses
'Old Blush' Creates Special Back Yard Beauty
Antique Roses
'Old Blush' Rose Creates an
Inviting Antique Rose Landscape